Chapter TwoMature

“Will we see what it is?”

Devin asked faintly. I know he was
thinking of all those computer games he plays. He acts like such a kid at times,
I bet he thought that whatever was making the noise was going to jump out and
devour us.

“Yeah. We have to. Somebody might be

Sandy replied.

We searched through the remains of
the skyscraper until the noise seemed closer. It suddenly trailed off, ending
in a deep sigh, the sort of sigh that only sighed to stop yourself from
sobbing. Then there was silence.

Walking towards where we guessed the
noise had come from, we were faced with an awful sight.

The body of a five-year-old girl was
nailed to a sliver of one of the skyscraper’s internal walls that had been left

There were still damp tear-tracks on
her pale face, trailing from her wide blue eyes, which were open, glassy and
unblinking. Her small, thin body was stabbed, mutilated and the blood on the
floor below her was still wet and vivid crimson.

“Who would do something like that?”

Sandy said with fright, disgust,
anger and great sadness.

Devin looked like he was going to
pass out.

“I thought it was Claire.”

He whispered, gone as pale as the
white dust gathered in small drifts near the wall.

Claire was his sister’s daughter, who
he’d adopted after his sister had been killed in a car-accident. I had to
admit, the girl looked a hell of a lot like her. But while this girl had dark
brown hair, Claire’s was a lighter brown.

“Will we…leave her here?”

Sandy asked.

“What choice have we got? I asked,
sounding more heartless than I’d intended.

Devin still looked severely shocked.
The realisation had obviously hit him that his beloved Claire could be anywhere
in this ruined city. The next victim we found could be her for all we knew.

“You’re right, we can’t exactly bury

Sandy agreed. Devin was still
trembling. I’d never seen him like that before. Of course I’d seen him scared,
our department deals with a lot of freaky stuff, but normally he just swore and
pretended not to care. This wasn’t like him.

“Come on Devin. I’m sure Claire is

Sandy whispered gently.

Devin nodded, following us as we
found our way out of the wreckage.

The End

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