Zombie ApocalypseMature

Scientists of planet Earth were trying to invent a cure for cancer, but it went horribly wrong. It ended up creating a virus which spreaded rapidly and infected the global population. Vaccinations were used but to no effect, only the odd person was lucky enough for it to work.

1st September 2045, 17:35

Scientists have declared that the research to cure cancer may have come to a close, they think they have found it. In their research labs after many years of testing they may have finally done it. They are testing it on their first patient now, hopefully it will go well. This will be the biggest medical breakthrough in history.

5th September 2045, 21:09

There seems to not be any changes so far, but the patient does seem to show signs of improvement. After closer inspecion of the cure they noticed little organisms that multiply rapidly. They seemed to have been going into the air supplies and escaping into the atmosphere. Lets just hope that this cure thing works, because if its getting out then i dont want whatever it is.

10th September 2045, 10:56

The patient has died! They dont know whats going on or what happened but she just seemed to have just collapsed and her heartbeat just stopped straightaway. With this virus going out into the air they had to invent a cure for this aswell. That is what they are working on now at full speed, this cannot get any worse otherwise bad things will happen.

20th September 2045, 15:13

Everyones going for their vaccinations today, hopefully these will be able to cure this virus before anymore people die from it. I cant say i wasnt scared, because i was for all i know i could be infected with this virus and for all we know this vaccine may not even work.

21st September 2045, 16:30

The female patient, she came back to life, all rabid and gruesome. She kill the scientists and just left them bleeding to death. It was awful, it happened right in front of my eyes. The news is full of people collapsing all over the world. This cannot be a good sign, this may turn into an epidemic. We must prepare for this.

22nd September 2045, 15:01

I searched the labs records about this virus. They seemed to have studied it more. It is an airbourne virus, and it doesnt need any nutrition or anything. It can just live forever in the air until it finds a host. Not only that but it splits in two within 10 minutes which means it just gets worse and worse every moment i live. When it finds a host i makes them feel good at first, as if they got better, as it targets sick people mainly. Then after that they start to have breathing problems and then they collapse and die, and as proven, they may come back alive as the walking dead. There is no known cure for it yet, and i dont think there will be. Im starting to feel abit wierd, i cant breathe... whoever finds this please, dont let this continue!

The End

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