Dream come true!Mature

Seth wakes up to his smartphone alarm chirping away annoyingly, just like most his ex-girlfriends used to do. Happy that he doesn't have to deal with them, he grabs his phone to shut the alarm off. That's when he realizes his alarm has been attempting to wake him up for an hour and a half. 


Oh shit! I'm late for work!


He quickly sends a text to his coworkers letting them know he will be there as soon as possible. He throws his phone on the bed, and heads to the bathroom for his shower. He showers faster than he probably ever has before, dressed, grabbed his things, and ran out the door. In his haste he failed to notice his phone gave a single chirp while he was in the shower, informing him he had no signal and could not send his text.


His drive to work would have normally caused him to pay more attention to his surroundings, but his haste and lack of coffee caused him to not notice his car was the only car on the highway moving, the only other cars on the road we pull, or wrecked, on the side of the road. 


He pulled into his normal parking spot, and walked to the door to find it was locked. Wondering what was going on, he started knocking, his intention to gain someone's attention.


Seth hears a noise behind him, and turns turns to find himself staring down the barrels of a sawed off shot gun. From behind the gun he hears the voice of his best friend say "Have you been bitten?"


Hell no! You know I don't have a girlfriend. Who's supposed to bite me, and what the fuck are you doing with a shotgun? His friend drops the gin, embraces him, and quickly Seth is rushed into the building. He notices e everyone in the building is armed, some injured. He stops and asks what's going on.


His friend tells him about the zombie invasion, and how they turned this building into a secure area. As soon as he finished Seth said, "Screw this,  I wanna be a zombie."


Seth then turned and ran back outside, and he was never seen by any living person again.

The End

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