Zoinks - SanctuaryMature

This is the final module for the introductory story in the Zoinks group.



Their voices overlap each other and then they begin laughing. The two very different groups of survivors slowly walk towards each other despite Anne and Jim nearly sprinting into each other's arms. Anne, however, pulls up just short and holds Jim back.

"Jim...why are you covered in blood?! Were you bitten?!"

Jim is stunned but after a moment just laughs and says, "No, Anne! I've been killing every zombie I've seen since yesterday morning! I should be asking you why you aren't covered in blood! How'd you get here so clean?"

The two of them start sharing stories but you stop them, "Hey, uh, hate to interrupt you two but shouldn't we keep moving to this mountain manor you've been talking about? I'd like to get some rest."

They both nod and motion for everyone to follow them. While on the way to the mountains introductions are made all the way around. Anne and Jim don't really say much, both of them reverting to their roles of leadership. After a few more hours of walking they both sigh nearly at the same time and say, "It may be night time but we've arrived so we don't have to worry about running into those creatures anymore. Stay close, and let's get into our new home"

The End

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