Leo (Love)


Aries 4/5 – Romance all the way

Taurus 3/5 – Requires understanding but can hit the heights if both of these people are willing

Gemini 4/5 – Provided the Leo can relax their pride enough so the Gemini can help them to further knowledge this will all go well

Cancer 3/5 – Needs balance to survive but if the Leo can show their generous side this love will be worth while

Leo 4/5 – A passionate couple but needs time to think outside the box during times of conflict

Virgo 0/5 – The lion is very proud indeed, but the Virgo will find something to put the Leo down about

Libra 4/5 – This is a good relationship, as long as the Libra can own up to their problems

Scorpio 1/5 – Leo doesn’t do intimate

Sagittarius 2/5 - This is bound to fall apart if the Leo can’t see the Sagittarius’s need for freedom of choice

Capricorn 1/5 – This will all end in tears if the Capricorn brings his grey cloud with him

Aquarius 4/5 – This will go fairly well if the Leo doesn’t try to change the Aquarius

Pisces 3/5 – This can go two ways but if the Leo doesn’t take advantage of the Pisces’s kind nature then this will be very passionate


Leo’s idea of love comes from what they see in themselves and so it is only fair to say that when they love someone they can stick like glue. The only bad point about Leo is that they have a habit of causing infatuation with the fact that they hold their head high, this can be bad for any long term relationship that the Leo plans on because they may just find their partner becomes bored and irritated.


 Leo loves to eat and because of this they end up putting weight on very quickly. Because Leo has such a huge appetite for life this will cause strain on the heart if they do too much at any one time. The spine is also a sensitive part of the body for Leo and so it is well advised for a Leo to take care when lifting weights.


Things to avoid

·         Over doing it with the food and drink

·         Getting others to do everything for them

·         Leading the easily lead astray

·         Being self serving

·         Over exaggerating

The End

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