Leo 24 July - 23 August


Element: Fire

Ruling Planet:  The sun

Colour: Gold

Country:  Italy

Body parts:  Heart, spine and waist

 The good

Leo is the second fire sign in the zodiac being very different compared to the other fire signs. You wouldn’t really believe Leo to be as assertive as Aries but on the other hand Leo is a proud and generous soul like the lion that forms the symbol for this sign. People under this sign are strong physically and mentally and are known for their pride and loyalty.

The bad

For this sign the bad points can go two ways and can really irritate some people. It takes a Leo some time to get to know who they are in the world but once they’re out of the closet they can either be so proud that they can be self serving and even in love with themselves to the extent of constant pampering and luxuries. On the other side there are some Leo’s that can be hidden in the way they approach their self love, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care; it just means that they have low confidence. If Leo has low confidence unlike Aries and Sagittarius they will usually use something else to boost their confidence like treating other people like servants this comes easily to the women that have the habit of batting their eyelashes

 Things that make Leo happy

 ·         A big hug from their loved ones

·         Dressing up and looking their best

·         Looking into a mirror

·         People making a fuss over them

·         Buying expensive treats for themselves

The End

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