Cancer (other)


Cancer can be quite easy to tell apart from other signs usually because cancer has a bigger chest and shorter legs. The face is usually recognized by the low cheek bones and small sometimes beady eyes.

 Cancer Child

 Cancer children and even babies can be a joy for anyone. They enjoy being close to people that they love. You first start to recognize a Cancerian as being gullible; this is because through their youth they are innocent and easily lead almost like Pisces. Watch out though however you go about these children. Cancer may give the impression of being easily lead but the children are just as wise as the adults and they never make the same mistake twice in fact a Child under this sign is more likely to avoid a problem the first time round if informed of the dangers. Remember the children may have an expression that says butter wouldn’t melt but these children are smarter than they seem.

 Cancer as a parent

 Cancer is the king of the water sign’s and so ultimately they were born to love and nurture as the order given out. The women under this sign are born to look after children and to give them a warm home. One thing people under this sign have to be careful however is smothering their loved ones and not letting them out of their sight, even if they just want to play with their friends.

 Suitable careers

·         Teacher

·         Childminder

·         Chef

·         Carer

·         Archaeologist


 Cancer are cautious with money, almost like Taurus but aren’t so stingy when it comes to spending. Of course when it comes to Cancer they would rather avoid the trouble bills bring and put some money away for when they really need it the most. This makes Cancer the worrier of the all the signs and sometimes to the point of being paranoid, it also makes them the bargain hunter than the one that drives a hard bargain. What they need to look out for however is the urge to spend their money gambling because this can become an addiction that will eat away at their savings.

The End

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