Cancer (Love)


Aries 1/5 – Not suited, the Cancer is frightened of being hurt by the Aries hurting themselves

Taurus 5/5 – A breathtaking romance, this is if the Taurus is prepared for the cancerians clinginess

Gemini 1/5 – There not together all the time, in fact the Gemini will probably leave the cancer at home and come back five years later with someone who likes to be outside

Cancer 5/5 – When these two get together they will find it hard to leave the home, even for something as simple as shopping.

Leo 3/5 – Can work but only if the Leo understands of the Cancer’s needs. Otherwise this will be a vicious game of give and take, with the Leo doing most of the taking.

Virgo 4/5 – a very entrancing relationship provided the Virgo can show their softer side

Libra 3/5 – Requires tact from the Liberian who is likely to sweep the problems away as if they didn’t happen.

Scorpio 5/5 – A hidden relationship, you wouldn’t even know they were partners

Sagittarius 0/5 – Going in opposite directions

Capricorn 3/5 – A good relationship if the Capricorn can relax his controlling needs and can become aware of the cancer’s sensitivity

Aquarius 2/5 – This can either be a good relationship or a horrific one, this is if the Aquarian can get out of the house without doing something too crazy

Pisces 5/5 – here is a very sensitive pair, the cancer will provide a home for the Pisces and the Pisces will bring the popcorn for a good tear jerker.


Cancer and love go together like bread and butter. However it won’t be easy for any one person to get to know them. Sure enough the Cancer may be willing to try something new, if they know what they are digging themselves into first. They are easily hurt and if any one person is daring enough to hit a raw nerve the Cancerian won’t ever forget. Being aware of the value that Cancer places on sentimental values is important for a relationship to go well.


 Water signs are more than often controlled by their emotions; these are the recipes to their psychic abilities. Cancer is very good at making problems seem more worse than they actually are. Cancer rules the chest and the stomach making them the most sensitive parts of the cancerians body. Looking out for things like heart burn and stomach cramps. They must also learn to not resort to comfort food when hurt as this can have an effect on their waistline. Cancer has an easy time putting weight on but when it comes to losing it, the weight will drop off slowly for them.


Things to avoid


·         Jealousy

·         Fear of the unknown

·         Being unreasonable

·         Gambling

·         Stress

The End

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