Cancer 23 June - 23 July


Element: Water

Ruling Planet:  The moon

Colour: White

Country:  Africa

Body parts:  chest and stomach


 The good

Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac having a very sensitive nature cancerians are easily hurt. Their love of their family and home is unconditional and they always feel safe when they are with someone close and someone that they trust. This sign is almost as psychic as Pisces; these people have emotions and their unafraid to cry. These people attempt to hide their more vulnerable side by trying to act tougher than they are. Overall cancer may seem obsessed with one thing but give them time and they will open up.

 The bad

Cancer may seem soft, but get on their wrong side and they will never forgive you again. Cancer people have a tendency to be unforgiving and moody especially with the ever changing moon. They tend to hold back until they know the score and are distant from others who they don’t like. Other than that Cancer has a tendency to cling to their own comforts and won’t let go. This can cause the cancerian to stay clear of the unexpected and irritate other people by talking about their obsessions.


Things that make Cancer happy


·         Photos of their family

·         Home cooking

·         Soaking in a long hot bath

·         A full fridge

·         Family get-togethers


The End

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