Gemini (Other)


Gemini takes quite a distinctive look but can easily be mistaken for other star signs because of similar qualities, you need to take a good look at the persons face to really aquire their starsign and notice everything. Gemini has a few distinctive traits, one of them being the eyes. usually the eyes are slightly further apart on the face. Other traits include an oval shaped face. The women sometimes take an hourglass shape whilst the men can put on weight a little faster than others in the zodiac.

Gemini Child

The Gemini child is very curious and will usually enjoy asking questions and finding answers to their questions. The trick here is too keep your child entertained. If a Gemini child isn't entertained then they will start to get restless, the problem here is that a Gemini child has many ways of grabbing someones attention because getting their message accross is the world to them. Always remember a Gemini child that starts to irritate you is a Gemini child that is bored. of course not all gemini childeren will go so far as to make you pull your hair out, some of the childeren can be very plesant almost like a little adult.

Gemini as a parent

Gemini's can either adore childeren or loath them, it all depends on what side of the chess board they are at. if they are on the good side then they will play games and read stories to them, the good side can be great but the parent must remember that if they have a gemini child that they can get a little wild with excitement. whilst some of them take a happy approach to their childeren's well being they need to be careful that they aren't over confident and end up letting their childeren run away once they set them free at a park. The other side of Gemini can be very ignorant of their childerens needs and sometimes become a little harsh with punishments.

Suitable Careers

  • Teaching
  • Media
  • Receptionist
  • Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Business


Anyone under the sign of Gemini would know how much they enjoy shopping, if not for themselves then for others and this could be anything ranging from the latest fashion to music and books. It would be a wise idea for Gemini to put some money aside for when they want to go on a shopping spree, but still have enough to pay for the important things. The good thing about Gemini is that although they excel at all of these different areas of work is that they do good in almost any area of work as long as they identify their priorities.

The End

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