Gemini (Love)


Aries 4/5 – This couple are on the fast lane for new everything making sure they get it first

Taurus 2/5 – Like talking to a boulder, the Taurus is not willing to accept change whilst the Gemini is

Gemini 5/5 – They like to talk so you pretty much know where this relationship is going

Cancer 1/5 – the Gemini is either going out alone or not doing something new

Leo 4/5 – Very refreshing for both just as long as the Gemini doesn’t get full up of Leo’s ego

Virgo 2/5 – Gemini wants to know, Virgo wants to hold back there is loads of suspicion in this relationship and only half of everything is being said.

Libra 4/5 – Just as long as the Gemini can keep cool about Libra’s ignorance to the bad things that are likely to happen, this could actually be a very good relationship

Scorpio 0/5 – Scorpio is exciting but serious, this makes Gemini the Scorpio’s victim when they start saying the things Scorpio hates.

Sagittarius 5/5 – these two shares the fact that they are both restless and need something to stimulate their minds

Capricorn 2/5 – A Capricorn never shares so the Gemini gets frustrated

Aquarius 5/5 – Aquarius’s Wacky nature keeps Gemini’s curiosity fulfilled

Pisces 3/5 – This can either be a good relationship or one like chalk and cheese, it depends how high up in the clouds the Pisces is


Being social means that these people are likely to either talk their lovers to death (an actual way of saying that they might or might not communicate until their tongue’s fall off), or make a good joke about how life is going. Either way people under this sign have a good chance of falling in love early because of the amount of communication. The thing Gemini has to watch out for though is weather their lover is actually listening because they will simply turn away if they find that they aren’t getting anything back. They need to know that they’re not talking to the four walls.


Gemini is likely to suffer from many sleepless nights due to restlessness and at a more extreme level Gemini’s can suffer from insomnia. They rule the nervous system because they like to gesticulate a lot, this makes the body tired when done too much so plenty of exercise is good for this sign as well as plenty of sleep. Other problems can occur if the Gemini is a heavy smoker. Making sure they eat slowly is a good idea, instead of eating rapidly because they’re too excited to get going with their next hobby.

 Things to avoid

 ·         Over confidence

·         Restlessness

·         Smoking

·         Leaving things till the last minute

·         Giving things with a smaller chance of success the most priority

The End

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