Gemini 22 May - 22 June


Element: Wind

Ruling Planet:  Mercury

Colour: Yellow

Country:  USA

Body parts:  Tongue, Chest, lungs, Arms, hands and the nervous system

 The good 

The first wind sign Gemini is the sign of youth; most people under this sign usually look younger or older than they actually are depending on how in tune they are with their sign. People of this sign are born to talk and are usually the first to talk at that. They have as sharp mind and usually hit the nail on the head. They like rapport but sometimes this can lead to the Gemini being a copy cat. These people are fast moving a little like Aries this although they put some of this speed into talking and gesticulating and some into their 10,000 hobbies.

 The bad

Gemini is represented by two children so it’s only fair to say that like Pisces and Libra their personalities go two ways some can have a split personality naturally another Gemini can take either one side or the other. Being a sign all about social ability you either find a Gemini to be friendly and social. On the other hand other Gemini’s can take a more internal approach to life pushing everything aside so they get to what they want, even if this means that their just going in circles. Other Gemini’s can be nice one minute but have a tendency to be two faced and are very good at telling lies. People of this sign also have problems prioritising themselves, this leads to most Gemini’s being jacks of all trades but masters of none.

 Things that make Gemini happy

 ·         Talking

·         Shopping

·         Surfing the internet

·         Sending text messages

·         Gossip

The End

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