Taurus (Other)


Being a Taurus automatically means you have a gift of beauty but if you want to know how to identify a Taurus you can tell by the shape of the face. Usually a Taurus has a slightly puffier face than most people. This can sometimes make Taurus harder to tell compared to other signs because of the range of star signs including the features that we get from our parents. The body sometimes takes either a pear or an apple shape.

 Taurus Child

 The children of this sign love to be cuddled, knowing that they are in safe hands is the most important thing for these little children. If they don’t have what they want they are more likely to cry or go into a tantrum which isn’t good for the parents of this sign. When they have what they want then they are happy but they also need to be taught to consider others and to help others from a young age.

 Taurus as a parent

 A Taurus believes in discipline and won’t be happy unless there is order especially around the house. They will work hard to provide for their family but will also expect the same from their children. Teaching their children good manners is what they want most, the most important thing for anyone under this sign however is that they have family time and so it’s a good idea that they organize some time to spend with their family.

 Suitable careers 

·         Singer

·         Financial Adviser

·         Artist

·         Designer

·         Cosmetics


 Taurus has no need to worry about their money because they like to know that they have something to fall back on when they have problems. On the other hand they can drive a hard bargain. Perhaps one lesson for Taurus is to learn when enough is enough. Although these people are very kind when it comes to friends and family and like to spend money when they have it to spare, they can sometimes go overboard with the fact that their made of bricks. The saying what goes around comes around is applicable to this sign it is very wise for these people to know the difference between a joke and a insult, the whole point is that a Taurus is likely to be literal with everything they give and receive (this doesn’t just apply to money).  If they receive something unpleasant they’re likely to cause uproar and if they don’t like what they give out they won’t own up to it. If this Starsign has all shields on the go all the time then they’re likely to take advantage of water signs like Pisces and Scorpio and push them into a little corner with the vicious acts of making more and more boundaries eventually making the Pisces feel like they can’t be free and the Scorpio feel like the fire in their heart has been put out. A common problem with these signs is if the Taurus isn’t open to new perspectives or points of view and is anchored to the ground so much that they won’t accept change. This is what it is also like with money, they hate change and put all barriers up so their target can’t move (this relates to how money can’t move if it’s in safe hands).

The End

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