Taurus (Love)


Aries  2/5 – Too many conflicts, headed in opposite directions

Taurus 5/5 – On the same wavelength

Gemini 2/5 – Too restless for the Taurus

Cancer 5/5 – Both of these signs know they are safe with each other

Leo 3/5 – Very passionate but requires a lot of effort this love will have no limits if both are willing

Virgo  5/5 – These signs both have something to teach the other

Libra 3/5 – a very beautiful partnership but requires effort to reach its peak

Scorpio 3/5 – very passionate but requires boundaries

Sagittarius 0/5 – Different souls, different ambitions

Capricorn 5/5 – Down to earth, the way Taurus likes it

Aquarius 1/5 – Too much criticism for the easygoing Taurus

Pisces 3/5 – a good relationship if the Taurus can learn to understand the Pisces



A Taurus wants nothing more than to know that they are safe and so it might be a little different falling in love with one of the more cautious signs. They can’t just fall in love straight away; they have to know the person that they are falling in love with first. On a brighter note Taurus is very sensitive in the sense of touch which makes this very important for anyone under this sign.



Making sure that this sign wraps up nice and warm in the winter is very important. They are more likely to suffer from stiff necks. Other problems that are more than likely are coughs and sore throats. Taurus usually makes good singers but they won’t be singing long in the music industry if they don’t look after their throats.


Things to avoid


·         Making a routine of things all too often

·         Over eating

·         A tendency to be lazy

·         anger

·         being inconsiderate of others

The End

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