Taurus 21 April - 21May


Element: Earth

Ruling Planet:  Venus

Colour: Blue

Country:  Russia

Body parts:  Face, Ears, Neck, throat

The good

Being the first earth sign in the Zodiac Taurus is a sign of natural beauty, people under this sign are usually the quiet type until crossed and then they charge at their target with horns of steel. Usually warm hearted, patient and like to take things at their own pace rather than another person’s pace. They will usually get there in the end not going too slow or too fast for comfort. They have a great love for nature and have tremendous will power and determination but usually end up only second best because of their cautious nature.

The bad

When things get tough Taurus gets stubborn and a Taurus won’t give up without a fight and even then they will still be standing. They also have a tendency to be possessive; keeping their goods in a safe place where nobody can find them is a good idea to avoid confrontations and arguments. Taurus also can be greedy from time to time pampering them mainly with food. They also have a tendency to deny criticism and fire it back at the person accusing with double the ammo.

Stuff that makes Taurus happy

  • Time spent outdoors with nature
  • Knowing their money and posessions are safe
  • Chocolate
  • Eating at an all you can eat resturant
  • walking on crunchy autum leaves
The End

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