Aries (Other)


Because Aries governs the forehead it's likely for them to have a slightly larger or unusual shaped forehead than usual. The body is usally lean and muscular.

Aries childeren

Childeren under the sign of Aries are usualy as competitive as the adults. The babies are usualy the first to walk. An Aries child needs to learn to share and to join in with others at a young age. they can usualy develop a mind of their own and have no fear of the unknown.

Aries as a parent

Being a parent means that Aries would want their childern to be the best. They can take a very forcefull aproach to child care making their childeren do what they are told is not a problem but they can sometimes try a little too hard with their passionate hopes for their child to be the best.

suitable careers

  • working with Law
  • Military
  • Armed Forces
  • Sports man/ woman
  • Manager


Aries is usually at the top of the food chain for working so only natrually would it be that these people earn big, although what Aries needs to learn is to save for tomorrow insead of living with their usual attitude that is to live for today. althoug they are very impulsive spenders and prefere the best they are more likely to save for any of the latest gadgets they desire especially if they are the best on offer. Makin sure they don't spend all of their money in one go is ideal for people under this starsign. 

The End

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