Aries (Love)


Aries 5/5 - Very competitive but exciting too

Taurus 2/5 - wild and dangerous vs calm and cautious

Gemini 4/5 - Social enjoyment all the way

Cancer 1/5 - Too clingy for Aries

Leo 4/5 - A great couple filled with new and exciting trends

Virgo 2/5 -  Too intense for the introverted virgo

Libra 4/5 - A couple that don't care what anyone else thinks

Scorpio 3/5 - Intense, emotional and full of pressure

Sagittarius 5/5 - Exciting is the only word to descibe this couple

Capricorn 3/5 - An ambitious pair but too controling for Aries

Aquarius 4/5 - Fresh and exciting

Pisces 0/5 - Too much friction for the two of them


Aries see's love as a challenge and their lovers heart is the prize. they prefer passionate love that would be too draining for the likes of virgo and pisces. Aries enjoys a very physical relationship and want the best for their lover.


Aries are more likely to have accidents to all of the other star signs in the zodiac because of their restless nature. they usually have a lot of energy and have to use it up by the end of the day so they can sleep peacefully. Aries governs the forehead, this means that people under the sign of Aries are more likely to be thinking so fast that they give themselves a headache. migraines are also common for Aries too. Aries would benefit from frequent head massages and maybe also meditation. they also need to make sure they are eating healthily rather than fast foods and skipping meals completely.

Things to avoid

  • Staying up too late or pulling all nighters
  • A reckless attitude
  • Eating too much junk food or skipping meals completely
  • being insensitive to people seen as inferior
The End

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