Aries 21 March - 20 April


Element: Fire

Ruling Planet:  Mars

Colour: Red

Country:  Germany

Body parts: forehead, facial features


The good

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac making them extroverted, assertive and usually on the go with such a fast and adventurous social life. Being born under a fire sign means that Aries can have a fiery personality and that is very true. People under the sign of Aries develop a ‘you only live once’ attitude to life and prefer to lead rather than follow. They always dress to impress and would rather be seen with the best of the best. They like their partners to look good and enjoy working in teams.

The bad

As fiery as Aries might be there are also the bad points too. Although they can bring the life into any given social situation they are bound to be very materialistic, this isn’t bad, that is if the Aries has learnt to share. Some can really like to share but you do get the occasional Aries that likes to keep their possessions to themselves. Other bad points include the fast pace through life, some people under the sign of Aries usually move so fast that they are more prone to accidents through recklessness, this can also be seen as being insensitive and pushy. They always like to come first and are easily disappointed if another person’s best work doesn’t meet the standards of the arien. There are also times that their constant challenging might become too much.

Things that make Aries happy

  • Having a target to achieve
  • Fast cars
  • Action movies
  • Buying the latest gadgets
  • Wild Parties
  • Computer games
The End

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