"Delivering a powerful kick to its crotch" - Cadapech Limye Fenwa. Me, at some point in my journey, the world is over run with zombies, and I couldn't be more happier.

Ch 1: Getting back to the city.

I stayed low to the ground, my elbows digging into the dirt. They slumped pass me, I could see the deteriorated flesh that showed through the holes in their shoes. The steady thumping of their feet was about to drive me insane, were it not for the groans they'd emit every so often. The mud under my fingernails was irritating, and I could no longer bare slouching in the bushes, in what I assumed was poison ivy.

"Edwin, Edwin where are you?" A woman was frantically searching through the bushes for what could possibly her child. I hoped she would not come my way, less she wished to drag those things towards me. And with nothing but a stone to defend myself, it would be a most troublesome endeavour. Her gaze seemed to somehow avoid that of the un-dead and she began to holler loudly.

Though their hearts have stopped, and their breathing ceased. Their ears were oddly still intact, and fully functional. The swarm turned towards her and began to progress, limping unconsciously towards the wailing. She immediately began to scream for help, but I knew if I were to leap to save her, we both would end up dead. I had a few more days before I could go out and not worry if I was bitten or not. Right now though, I was plagued by mortality and becoming one of the un-dead would prove most unfitting until the last remainder of the days have passed. It was a solid ten minutes before her screaming ceased and she was reduced to a gut-less, and brainless, zombie. Though, I feel for the poor thing, the last thing she saw before her unfortunate demise was her son biting at her chest. At least, by the way she was staring at him that's what I could tell.

Slowly I shuffle away from the mob. Luckily for me a squirrel had caught their attention and they began their sure, but slow, chase. If I could just make it towards the city, there I could find some of my comrades. It would seem foolish to go towards a highly zombie populated area, but it was safe with all the hidden rooms and such. Most of us have made bunkers and armouries. Besides, you'd scarcely meet another mortal out and about this part of the forest, they stayed towards the lining. But all the good game was far in deep, and only the brave of us would dare to venture so deep especially since the zombies had taken to killing any living being, where as taking out most of the animals. My comrades had deemed me brave enough, and so I was in charge of getting new food. Though upon losing my blade somewhere far back, I was beginning to doubt myself.

I got up managing to break off a sturdy tree branch and manufactured it into a spear using the sharp end of the rock. All my doubt had faded abruptly once I knew I had a weapon in hand. It's not that I'm a poor fist fighter, it's the risk of being bitten, punches were out of the question and I can't kick forever. Without warning one of those maggots filled creatures grabbed onto my shoulder, but before it had a chance to sink its teeth into me I flung myself back into a tree, squishing it also. Spear still in hand, I lodge the point into its left eye socket, then withdrew it, watching the being fall motionless on the tree trunk. Though, that wouldn't do not unless I retrieved its head. Being a previous hockey player, I decided to make a slap shot, right on its head. This, if I’m correct, flew for about 40 meters ramming into another of its kind.

I didn't need to think twice about getting out of there, by the time the thought crossed my mind I was already jumping over logs and dodging slippery slopes. The shattered windows of the reception tower were in view and I mentally rejoiced, but luck would have it a whole horde of them were waiting for me. My grip on the long piece of wood tightened and I growled. There was no waytheywere going to eat me. I decided the quickest way to get through them was to take out the first sneakily, then while they were dazed and confused take out the rest of them.

My heartbeat quickened as I sprung up behind the nearest zombie and latched my hands around its head, twisting then tearing it off. Then I thought to myself, 'Why not have some fun while I'm at it?' My hands latched onto its somehow still oily hair, I threw the head upwards then swung with the spear. The skull made a sickening splat then rammed into the following man-zombie, also decapitating him. I now had their full attention for they turned towards me mouths gawked open. Had I been so conceited, I would have most undoubtedly thought that they were amazed by my beauty. But let's face it loves, I'm an evil killer. Step out of line around me, and I will throw you back in place, and I did not think so highly of my appearances. More of my intellect than anything.

It was a fierce battle, slow, but fierce. At one point I dropped my spear and was reduced to kicking. Oddly enough I managed to dive in between the legs of one of them and retrieve it, delivering a powerful kick to its crotch, and ended up splitting it in half. Somehow I got a hold of one of their legs and began using that as a weapon, which last for about ten seconds. Then it snapped in half like a twig, so I went back to the spear. Within ten minutes there was no zombie left in the alley way, but I knew if I stood there long enough more would follow. That being said I made my way into the reception tower and snuck through the back into the center of the city, staying well-hidden. There were so many of them for so into the day.

"Cada, over here!" A short red headed girl stood at the doorway. Her blue eyes were wide with concern. She was one of my friends, and a very good comrade while I'm at it. I had met her when she was fighting for her life against a horde of the un-dead. She was armed with nothing but a hockey stick and was doing a pretty good job of keeping them off of her, that is, until she managed to spot her parents among them. Then she froze completely, I had to take them out myself with two shots to both their head then repeatedly bash them until they burst like a watermelon.

At the moment she was wearing her hair back into a pony tail, her black shades hiding her eyes and she had somehow found gum to chew on. I ran towards her knocking a few of the no-brainees off of my back then smiled as she closed the door behind me. For now, we were safe.

The End

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