It’s been two years since I left the Karsaë to live among a species called “humans.” They’re much like the Karsaë, but they are just as different. They don’t go to specific schools to spend their entire lives training for one thing, and they aren’t branded to mark their accomplishments. There’s also something here that Raven would have liked, that among humans if two people are in love, they can be together no matter what their parents say. If only Raven and I had found that out before I had gotten sick…

                Among the Karsaë, we use gold, silver, and what humans call “precious stones” for currency, and even the poorest Karsaë can be one of the richest humans. I was considered “middle class” among the Karsaë, but among humans, I am wealthy beyond my wildest imaginings.

                I live in a place humans call “Los Angeles, California” in a small home by the beach. Well, it’s small by Karsaë standards, but very spacious to humans.

                I like to say that after two years I blend in very well with humans, and none of them have ever suspected that I’m not the same thing they are. I can see it reflected in their eyes, to them I am just another girl with a sad past. A sad past that none of them will ever know…

The End

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