This is the opening/introduction to my new story about a young man named Matt who ends up in the lowest position in his company. As a result he gets paired up with Angel the companies best agent who despite her name is a harsh,blunt,insane,gun crazy woman who trains Matt to become a better agent but soon things go from crazy to crazier as they find themselves on the top of their companies hit list and have to work together to stay alive while one the run.

White, pure white, how could such a color fill a man with nervousness? Better question was how couldn't it?  The waiting room, it was the most nerve racking part being forced to sit in a room of pure white alone. Everything was white from the walls, to the furniture, even the floors was white the color never changed all new recruits had to come to this room at some point and receive their placement in Riot. As far as the public knew Riot was an electronics company specializing in the best from holographic music players to robotic companions and care takers. That sadly was only a farce, Riot is a company of mercenaries and assassins trained to kill, steal, and destroy any enemy for the right price. Riot operatives are the best in the world with three well known classes within the company , there are those who sit at the top giving out orders and missions to all operatives not much is known about who these people are just that their called the council and they are not to be crossed. Next are the Rioters the most elite agents in Riot their the smartest and deadliest people in the world there's nothing they can't do, and then there's the Zero's the worst agents in Riot the only reason their kept is even though they show low scores their skills are well above any military soldier so their kept and trained to become more acceptable operatives.
            In the lonely white room sat a young man he a tall slightly muscular boy with a slouched posture making him seem shorter than what he actually was with pale skin and dark green eyes with short black hair dressed in a dark blue long sleeved shirt and black jeans with a worn out pair of sneakers. It was today Matt Thomas would be placed into one of those groups; he sat nervously in his chair staring at the wall of snow white awaiting his judgment. He had been there for almost an hour now waiting anxiously for his placement in complete silence, he had no idea if the room was bugged or he was being watched and he didn't want to find out the hard way if he was. Suddenly the silence was broken by a turn of the nob and older gentlemen walking in, he was dressed in an all-white suit that almost blended into the wall his broad muscular body filling out the suit as his heavy foot prints echoed loudly in the small four walled room taking a seat on the other side of the table analyzing Matt with a look of displeasure before opening his file looking it over with a sigh. 
         "Look Mr. Thomas" he said sternly causing the young man to straighten up in his chair "your field scores are low and your test scores are low we had picked you to join riot because you showed a lot of promised but as of late you haven't shown any promise at all." The day Matt was recruited, he remembered it well. He was plucked out of military school at seventeen by the same man sitting before him today, his parents had no want for him so they had shipped him off to military school when he was younger growing up as an angry, aggressive, young man he had gotten into many fights with other boys and though his field scores and test scores were high at that time he was not like by his peers or teachers. That was when Riot had approached with an offer to be trained and work for them from now on which he happily accepted and the past four years have been the hardest thing he's ever done barely passing each test he managed to get by, the rough and harsh new environment he was in stripped him of his aggressive attitude and made him into what military school didn't a young gentleman. 
      "It has been decided that you are to be placed with the Zero's" he said stamping and signing the paper work.
      "Zero's? He can't be serious, I'm not that bad there's no way I'm that bad" Matt thought about to interject when he was interrupted "I've done all the paper work and you have been placed in your class, which means you will be trained by one of our higher ups"he said pulling out a phone from his pocket making a call "yes, yes, he's been informed you can come in now "he said closing the phone a few seconds later the door opened.
          In walked a young woman, she was tall with a thick hour glass figure and light caramel colored skin. Some of her features were abnormal with her long curly dark pink hair and mismatched colored eyes one blue the other purple, she wore an oversized red sweat jacket zipped down fair enough to show the black and white checkered bikini under it along with a pair of white fitted shorts and black combat boots. The two stared at each other for a moment analyzing one another before the man spoke "this is Angel" he said introducing the young woman "from now on you will be living and training under her." Matt's eyes widen at the realization of him living alone with a young woman "wait so it'll just be us? Living together? Alone?" he questioned, he had very little interaction with females his whole life and to move straight to living with one was a big step. 
        "Are you really that stupid? "Angel asked turning away from him "your orders were clear now hurry up and let's go" she demanded walking out the door. 
        "Ah, Angel wait don't leave me!" matted called chasing after her. "I hope pairing him with her was a good decision" the old man muttered watching them leave.

The End

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