Chapter 3Mature

Zero walked home from school that day. He couldn’t deal with the football boys on the bus home today. They were all riled up from their recent win and insisted that the entire bus ride must be a constant cheer. Zero liked walking so it wasn’t  that bad. The walk was long but 25 minutes was not so bad, that and he could look out for zombies on the way home because if there is one zombie there is bound to 10 more out there.
    Zero was wrong and ended up walking all the way just thinking. Not about any thing important, just thinking. He arrived at home after taking a few stops on the way there.
    “Hey grams!” he shouted. There was not a response. Which was completely normal for Grams, she was quite deaf. Zero walked in to the back room where as usual grams was sitting in her chair watching soap operas and knitting the endless scarf. “Hey grams” repeated Zero.
    “Hello dearie! Come over closer so I can see you better” responded grams, Zero moved closer. “that’s  better sweetie how was your day?” asked grams. Before Zero even had time to answer grams continued; “that is nice dearie. Did you remember to bring me some more wool for the scarf?” said Grams.
    “Yeah, I did” responded Zero. He reached in to his bag and pulled out six rolls of wool. He was very careful in pulling it out, he kept demon fighting gear in his bag.
    “Thank you dearie, there is supper on the table for you” said Grams.
    “Thanks grams” responded Zero.
    Supper made by grams was not really supper. She couldn’t  really cook anymore but she never could really cook before she got this old. On the table for Zero was French fries from the freezer and  two corn dogs. Grams never really got the food pyramid but Zero did not care he just added his favorite vegetable to the plate, broccoli. He never got why people hated broccoli but he loved it more than he loved life, which is quite a lot of love for one simple vegetable.
    Zero took his supper up to his room. He had the entire second floor to himself because Grams could not do stairs anymore. It was here that Zero kept all of his demon hunting gear and his most prized possessions; a few pictures of his family and his Magormagon.
    The Magormagon is a book but not just any book. It is the book for demon hunting. Zero came across the book by accident and after he found it he started seeing demons everywhere. He found the book at a used book store. The owner just gave it to him. After he started seeing things he went back to the store but it was long gone. According to records no one had had a store in there for 15 years. Zero saw it as a sign that it was his duty to seek out every evil zombie and demon out there and destroy them.
    Zero made his way to his room and crashed onto the bed. He stared at the ceiling looking at the map of stars he put up there. He zoned out looking at them trying to understand the important things in life. He never got anything out of looking at the ceiling but he always did it. It was very relaxing. The stars were so beautiful. Zero fell asleep.   

The End

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