Chapter 2Mature

“..If you are going to sleep in in my class, you may as well not show up” came a low voice from above. “Wake up or get out!” the voice was much angrier this time.
    “..what..?” mumbled Zero.
    “Good to see that you have joined us today” it was Zero’s teacher Mr. Simmons.
    “Sorry sir” replied Zero.
    “Do you have a good explanation at least” asked Mr. Simmons, “better not be zombies and ghouls this time again” continued Mr. Simmons.
    “No.. uh.. Just couldn’t  sleep. Too much going on” replied Zero “ no ghouls though” he stated.
    School was hell for Zero. Everyone treated him like a freak. He thought sometimes it was well deserved, he did in fact hunt zombies and ghouls and monsters after school and during any free time he had. Mr. Simmons liked Zero, he put up with Zero falling asleep nearly every day for the past 2 years and only made a few remarks now and then to him. Zero liked Mr. Simmons which was kind of weird considering he knew that Mr. Simmons was possessed by a demon. Not a bad demon but just a demon. Though Mr. Simmons did not know he was possessed he still was.
    The demon in the teacher had been there so long he now thought that he was human. A very rare occurrence and that was why Zero liked him. He was weird just like Zero. He liked weird. Zero tried to zone back to pay attention to class but, Canadian History just was not his thing. Something about the fact that it was only necessary knowledge in one country but mostly that Canadians are kind of boring with there history.
    “ Now class why is this date important?” asked Mr. Simmons, the date on the board behind him said 1867. “Anyone? Okay I am going to pick someone at random, Marty” said Mr. Simmons.
    “The second coming of Jesus?” asked Marty. The class broke out in giggles. Zero hated Marty. Marty was every thing Zero hated about people; rude, mean, ignorant, and just generally a douche bag.
    “No Marty. This was the year Canada became a country” stated Mr. Simmons. Zero zoned out again. The teacher was going over the simplest facts on Canadian history. Zero stared at the clock, 20 minutes until lunch. Zero sighed softly. The class moved by in extreme slow motion but eventually the bell rang.
    Zero was the first to pack up and leave, glad to be out of the sight of Marty and his team of douches but Zero had no luck. Marty and Chad (I know serious douche name but he is a douche so it’s cool) stopped Zero. Marty and Chad were football players, they were huge in comparison to Zero and they loomed over Zero.
    “Hey Big Z what is up with the sleeping in class?” asked Marty in an irking voice.
    “Did wittle Z miss his nappy wappy?” asked Chad in an even worse voice.
    “Chad, Marty, good to see you but I must be going” replied Zero.
    “Aww, wittle Z is tie tie and needs to go take his nap” said Chad
    “Actually, I need to go eat my lunch before I go hypoglycemic and collapse from extreme low sugar levels” replied Zero, “so if you’ll excuse me I need to go eat” finished Zero
    Zero pushed his way out of the hall and went to his locker. All he could think about was how he could have dealt with that situation better. He could not think of any by the time he made it to his locker. Zero took out his lunch and ate it. He just wanted to get away from people like Marty. They would never understand Zero. No one would, not unless he found another monster hunter out there but, who the hell else would even notice monsters out there? That was Zero’s thoughts but they were far from the truth, about as far as you can possibly get from the truth.

The End

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