This is the only good part of my NaNoWrimo from last year. I'm editing the rest of it right now.

     Zero was walking rather slowly at least for him, he usually walked silent and quickly sort of like a cat. Something was bothering him, the look in his eyes was off, he was suspicious. Footsteps echoed through the alley. He knew they were not his they were far too heavy and imbalanced. The steps sounded male, Zero focused all of his attention onto the sound. He slowly moved towards the side of the alley and ducked behind a dumpster. The smell of rotting fish snuck it is way in to his nostrils, there was something else hiding under the sent. His mind could not attach the smell to any one thing it was an interesting smell, it caught his attention.
    The steps grew louder, Zero crouched closer in to the wall, he could feel the pattern of the bricks on his back. Something clicked in to his mind. Decomposition, not just from fish though. This stuff was definitely human and it was pretty fresh. The steps lumbered closer. Zero peeked around the corner, definitely a zombie, it was a tall burly man with very little neck and far too much leg showing, his pants had been ripped by something. The zombie wore an argyle sweater coated with blood and tan pants( not really pants anymore though). The zombie looked like he could have been at a party or maybe church. Zero looked around himself for a weapon, there was not much; a sandwich, a piece of wood and a used needle.
    The zombie lumbered closer, he could smell Zero and hear the sound of the blood pumping through the boy’s body, Zero slowed his heart beat as best he could. Zero crouched, grabbed the piece of wood and got ready to leap.
    “Die you fucking undead freak!” shouted Zero.
    Zero leaped from behind the dumpster and pushed the chunk of wood down hard. The sound of breaking bone echoed through the alley. The stake went straight through the zombie’s eye and stuck out at an impossible angle. The zombie lost his balance and fell back with a very loud thump.
    “Stay the fuck down. Fucking zombie, just my luck a fucking zombie attacks me and I got fucking zombie blood on my last clean fucking shirt! Fuck! How the hell am I supposed to explain this to Grams?” exclaimed Zero.
    A low moan came from the zombie, he was still alive or un-dead whatever. Zero acted as quickly as possible diving for the needle by the dumpster. His hand reached out for it. He shoved his hand toward the zombie’s head. All that went toward it was a sandwich.
    “Dammit!! Well take this sandwich fucking zombie scum!” shouted Zero. This was an odd moment, even for Zero, this was totally fucking weird.
    He threw the sandwich with all his might at the zombie. The sandwich ( egg salad in case you were wondering, not the good kind either but like the pre packaged ones sold in 7/11s that god knows how long they have sat there kind) smashed in to the zombie’s face and threw him off balance. The zombie landed with the sound of a cracking skull, he had landed on a rock.
    “Well ain’t that fucking quaint! Killed by a fucking sandwich! That one’s going in to the memory book” said Zero rather too excitedly. He liked to record the best of the best, this one topped all the others by a mile.
    The zombie stopped moving, he must be dead thought Zero. It was over for now at least, when there is one zombie there is bound to be more. Zero - 1 Demons- 0. Zero heard foot steps behind him, female according to his ears, he tore off down the alley, there was no way he was going to get caught like this.

The End

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