With her quick counting, Zenna could calculate that up to two hundred and forty eight soldiers were in front of her with their guns aimed at her.  She glanced back at the large building she had exited from a good half hour ago in the distance, eyeing the doors opening and more soldiers spilling out.

“It took half an hour by foot for me to get here,” she whispered under her breath “With those trucks; they’ll be here in ten minutes.  Two hundred and forty eight divided by five is forty nine point six, so I must kill at least fifty per minute to get away safely.”

She pulled out her whips and activated them.  The one with the black cord erupted in spikes as the other with the white cord came to life with the electric currents running through it.

“Begin,” she said before lashing out at the crowd.

Bullets began flying as her whips claimed their first victims and Zenna sprung up, spiralling in the air to avoid getting hit.  Her boots collided into one soldier’s face as she cracked her black whip to attack and poison the soldiers in front of her.

“Poison starts working its way to the heart once inside the body,” she murmured whilst crushing the soldier’s nose and mouth with her foot harshly, suffocating him “Takes two point seven seconds at most to kill.”

She deactivated her electric whip momentarily to wrap it around a couple of soldiers behind her and activated them to shock them to death.  The soldier beneath her continued writhing so she dropped the handle of her electric whip to grab her dagger from its thigh sheath and stab it straight into his heart.  She caught the electric whip handle before it hit the floor when the soldier relaxed in death and struck the row of soldiers before her, sending them to the ground with convulsions.  She reclaimed her dagger and put it away then stood, cracking her poison barbed whip.  It wrapped around a poor scrawny soldier who screamed in agony as the purple poison leaked from the barbs and into his skin. 

Zenna saw one soldier running at her with his gun and she flicked the fringe covering her deformation.  He slowed down at the sight of her raw, red skin that marred the right side of her face and Zenna smirked, wrenching her poisoned whip away from the soldier it had claimed then cracked it across his face, leaving scratches with purple liquid.

“Aren’t I beautiful?” she inquired as she grabbed a dead body near her to use as a shield against the bullets that came flying towards her.

Three minutes later, Zenna stood on top of the bodies that had died of poison and electrocution, watching the survivors flee whilst lighting her cigarette.

“I hate men,” she scowled whilst jumping off the body pile and disappearing into the narrow alleyways.

The End

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