There is a saying from the Bible. It says how "God created the heavens and the earth".

This is a lie.

The Bible also tells of many other lies that were used to hide the truths of this world from unworthy beings.

In actual fact, this world was created by the first Deltarian, who was named Delta. He was sent from another universe to create a world of his own, as for his kind, creating life forces was like a child's game. He created Deltarians first so he would not be alone, and then after a few millennia, created the other planets surrounding earth. Then he moved on to the next world to create another galaxy, so the life forces here could go on and live their lives.

Powerful Deltarians of Deltaria created a cover over the sun, which was their planet so that the other planets life forces, like the Earthlings, would not realise that they were there.

Eventually the rest of the planets life forces did the same, except for the humans as they did not possess magic as the other life forces did.

Humans were created last, so they are the youngest life force in our solar system. But they are also the worst.

Many Deltarians hate they humans for what they have done to Earth. Destroying so many trees, wasting and killing precious life forces on their own planet so that they can live in luxury, forcing their planet to be, in the near future, inhabitable.

Then we learnt something. One of the Deltarians foretold of a Deltarian baby, from twins, that would save the galaxy from a larger life force called Whisper; a shadow-like creature that hungered for power, which came in the form of Psy energy. The baby in the fortune held a massive amount of Psy energy inside him and his aura was like a beacon to Whisper when combined with the auras of all life forces in the Milky Way. The fortune stated that the child in the prophecy could save us from destruction by being killed as soon as he was born.

The Deltarian King at the time, King Matthew, immediately upon hearing this prophecy, sent his most trusted guards on a mission to find the baby and bring him, so that he may kill him before Whisper noticed their galaxy and came after them. And so using the fortune tellers powers, they located the baby and brought him back to their King as he wanted the honor of killing the baby himself to be known as a savior in our galaxy. However, upon the return of the guards, they were shocked to find that the King had been murdered. Unsure of whether to kill the baby during such a time of grievance, they gave the baby to a maid while the Kingdom mourned their King.

However, unknown to them, the maid fled the castle that night and travelled to Earth with the baby. There they have been living the past 16 years.

And that is the truth.

The End

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