"If there's one thing I'll never be it's your brother Sasuke," I said.  "If your planning on following in his foot-steps that's your business."

   "Shut up!"  He shouted and brought up a knee.  Before it hit me I was pushed back.

   "Take it easy on the new kid Sasuke," he said, the voice of reason.  "For all you know he's better than you."  Mused the Shinobi.  It took me a second to guess his identity.

   "You-your Kakashi!"  I exclaimed.  "The copy ninja!"  He nodded slightly as a way of saying Iwas correct.  "It's a pleasure to meet you, I acutually came here to talk to you."

   "Really, about what?"  He asked.

   "Well, I'm a Uchiha and I here that your one of the most powerful sharingan users there is.  I was wondering if you'd mind taking me in as a student."  I explained. 

   "I'm a little full right no-."  He began but I cut him off.

   "You don't seem too understand."  I exclaimed, letting a bit of fear into my voice, not quit sure if it was fake or real.  "I need this!"  He looked at me with his uncovered eye.  Finally he said, "Let me see it."

   I didn't need to ask what he meant by that.  I had already closed my eyes.  "Haven't done this in a while but here goes nothin', Sharingan!"  My eyes opened and Sasuke gasped.  Kakashi's eye got wide.

   "Wh-what, why do you two look like that?"  I asked before Sasuke attacked.  He moved lightning fast with his punches and kicks.  I saw the all coming before they hit.  "Sasuke wha-?"  I grabbed his fist and twisted his arm into a position known as the chicken wing.

   I punched him in the stomach.  He threw up. 

   "Mind explaining how you got the Mangekyou Sharingan," demanded Kakashi as he helped Sasuke.

   "I came to train with you, not be forced to remember a past I tried to forget!"  I shouted angrily.


The End

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