Zaruki Uchiha

If you like the anime Naruto then you'd like this story about my original character Zaruki Uchiha.

 "You've appeared at a bad time, with the chunin exams beginning," the third hokage said.  "But I'm sure we could fit you in somewhere after..."

 "My name is Zaruki, Zaruki Uchiha."  Said a tough voice.  The old man looked over the boy before him.  His hair was jet black and fell to his shoulders.  Besides that, he looked just like Sasuke.  Except he had wraps on his right arm and wore pants. 

 And his eyes were emerald green, but he had the same steel like glare that Sasuke had.  He studied the old man as well.  "Mind if I go as"  Zaruki asked. 

 "You are welcome to do that if you wish," the third replied.

 "I've heard rumors," began Zaruki.  "Is there really another Uchiha, here in Konoha?"  He sounded different, letting a little bit of hope in his voice.  And there was something else there, but the old man couldn't figure out what.  The Hokage nodded as a reply.  Then looked down for a second, when he looked up Zaruki was gone.


  I walked around Konoha, getting a feel of it.  Before I went searching for the one other Uchiha in the village, Sasuke was his name.  He shouldn't be hard to find but I wanted the lay out of the land before I did anything.  Someone ran up from behind me.

  "Hey Sasuke."  A pink haired girl began.  "When did you change your hair?"

  "Hi, I'm actually not Sasuke.  My name is Zaruki.  You are..."  I let that hang in the air.

  "Sakura."  She said, disappointed that I wasn't her Sasuke.  "Nice to meet you, you look alot like a guy I know.  Are you a Uchiha too?"

  "As a matter of fact I am."  I replied.  Then a Blond boy ran up.

  "Hey, the old man told me I'd find you here!  Whoa, you really do look like Sasuke!"  The boy shouted.  "I'm Naruto Uzamaki, who are you?"

  "Zaruki Uchiha."  I said.

  "Oh," he said disappointed.  "There's another one?!"

  "What's that suppose to mean!"  I asked forcefully.  Anger boiled through me.  He didn't seem to notice, just spaced out.

  "Here come's Sasuke."  He said, more quietly then he'd spoken so far.  And sure enough, a Uchiha with a duck butt hair do walked over, eyes on me.  He didn't even talk.  Just gave me a once over and brushed past me.  I grabbed his arm.

  "That's the welcome you give a cousin?"  I asked, with a hint of disbelief in my voice.

  "How do I know your not just like my brother?"  He asked coldly and pulled away from me.  Some family reunion.

The End

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