Chapter twoMature

A cloud of dust lifted to the sky followed by large chunks of rubble, gunshots could be heard from miles away as Alex ran up the side of the monsters arm firing shot after shot at its flesh, the explosive rounds detonating on contact with the monsters flesh, Alex continued to run along the arm of the beast for some time before he reached the shoulder, stabbing the blade of the gun into its flesh and twisting the handle ninety degrees to the left, once he heard the click he pulled the trigger firing a corrosive bullet into the monsters flesh.
The monster let out a growl and swatted its shoulder to which Alex jumped back leaving his gun, having no time to spare ripping it from the monsters flesh, Alex landed on the ground feet first leaving a crater where he landed, with a dash Alex moved to the monsters feet jumping in the air before he reached it, moving his right elbow in front of him, slamming himself down at such a speed he rippled the air behind him, upon contact he ripped through the monsters foot and some portion of the dirt below, The monster slid its foot behind dropping to its knee in order to force its fist down to Alex.
Alex, unable to move freely whilst in the ground simply crossed his arms in front of him and took the punch head on, again and again and again the monster continuously slammed one fist after another into Alex until dust filled the area, with a pleased look the monster closed its eyes and slowly started to shrink down to normal size, its body cracking back into place as it shrank turning the Orc to its former self, blood dripping from its eyes, ears, and mouth. The Orc placed a finger on its ear and after a few seconds of nodding its head spoke “Yes, the shifter is dead, squashed like a bug.” After a few more nods the Orc lowered its arm and started to walk back to the crumbled house, brushing past bits of rubble to find the staircase underneath.

“Not. Dead.” Alex said over the Orcs shoulder before flicking his wrist into its temple blowing a straight hole through its head with a smirk over his face and a blood lusted look in his eye.
The Orc slowly dropped to the ground with a pale look in its eyes and a fixed shocked expression “This prophet of yours should have researched, could have saved your life” Alex whipped the blood from his hand before flicking the other one into the rubble obliterating the smaller pieces and slightly moving the bigger ones revealing the start of the staircase.

“Alex, is that you?” Jaq’s distant voice queried from the darkness

“Yeah, come on out” Alex sat down on a larger piece of rubble and searched his pockets.

“So how did you deal with this one” Jaq said on his way out before seeing the body, a smile on his face that dropped when he noticed the body and decimated building

“He didn’t know about the Phys-Shield” Alex said calmly, a smile on his face as he found the last lollipop on his person, placing it in his mouth within an instant. “He used nothing but physical attacks, the thin barrier almost broke, I assumed he could feel my breathing and or hear it so I stopped my breathing and held my fist under my armpit to slow my heart beat, making him think I was dead, that’s all really.”

“So I take it you’re glad he couldn’t use magic? Stupid question, of course you are that would completely ignore the shield.” Jaq spoke with an indecent tone and a pleased chuckle.

“I suppose, but I would have dealt with him either way, what’s down the stairs?” Alex looked down to the stairs trying to look past the darkness.

“It’s an occult meeting area, I guess, bunch of dudes in robes chanting some nonsense over and over, it seems rather cliché if you ask me, they have a lot of guards most of them Orcs but there are some ghouls, most with firearms or swords, I couldn’t see any weapons on the cult members though so that must mean -”

Alex let out a sigh, “Magic.”

“Exactly, I counted thirty persons, ten of which were guards, twenty were cult members, I presume their leader is deeper inside.”

“This prophet character I’ve heard about.” Alex dropped his head back and took a deep breath.

“You’re not thinking of going in are you?” Jaq looked at Alex for some time waiting for a response that never came. “Alex even I can see that you’re wounded, your elbow is broken and your shield can’t take much more damage and yet you want to go in?”

“I am going in, if I leave they’ll move location and it’s obvious that they’re doing some occult sacrifice shit, I can’t just let this happen in my Area, I can’t afford to make another mistake like that, I want you to go to Claire, bring her down in one hour at full strength, I’ll need it, after you do that I want you to go to Brenda and tell her to come to this location with a wolf squad, got it?” Alex looked strict and spoke firmly; there was no arguing with him.

“Brenda? But she’s…” Jaq looked to his left and spoke under his breath, “Scary.”

“Just do it.” Alex stood up and moved the left side of his Jacket away pulling one of two hooks hooking out a curved blade from his side that he pulled from the string juggling it between his arms before holding it in his left, the other arm being too damaged to use much pressure. “You have one hour Jaq, I’m counting on you.” With nothing but a sigh, Jaq flew away, his glittery figure slowly disappearing in the distance along with the dropping sun.

The End

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