Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock...

Jeremiah Humphry sat in a chair, which was rendered invisible by the man sitting in it, who blocked the view of anybody attempting to attain a slight peek at it.  He wore an outfit, which was a royal blue business shirt, a white starched undershirt, and a white tie with red stripes.  He also wore a nice watch whith a brown wristband and a gold face.  On his face he had black rimmed glasses that made his head look small.  He had a receding hair line of thinning short brown hair.  He clasped his fingers and rested them on his nice oaken desk.  It was a nicely cultured desk with a green writing pad, an inkwell, and several other various trinkets.  No pictures of his family though.  The room itself was small and quiet.  Only the clock made noise.  The walls had a pleasant christmasy pattern, even though in this story it is not even close to christmas.  There were about four bookshelves placed variably on the outskirts of the room.  They were dark brown wooden shelves, very comforting and good for making the room less spacious.  They contained many books, however they were just for effect and Jeremiah had never read any of them.  The room felt very cozy and not threatening in the slightest.

Jeremiah smiled, in preperation of the man that would walk through his door, and attempt to kill him, fail, and end up screaming and crying. 

The door opened.  The guard preceded the man who came in without much of a fuss.  It seemed that he only insisted on making the guard have to yank him from the spot he was dragging his feet in.  The man sat down and the guard left.

"Hello there." said Jeremiah in his most friendly voice.

The man lifted his face and Jeremiah examined him.  He had long blonde hair that had not been cleaned in a while.  It hung over his face giving him a barbaric look.  His bottom lip had a cut on it and he held kept his mouth slightly ajar.  One eye had a large bruise.  The man looked at Jeremiah.  Jeremiah smiled.

"What do you want Jeremiah?" asked the man.  Jeremiah frowned for a moment, but quickly regained his composure.  Usually the patients did not know his name when they were first introduced to him, but the guard must have told this man who Jeremiah was.

"I wan't to be your friend."

"Psha."  Retorted the man, "You want me dead."

"That isn't true.  I like you a lot Zanthaniel, (for this was the crazy man's name) and I think you will like me too."

"You are an evil man Jeremiah.  Do to me as you please, and when you die you will learn what it is to suffer!"

Jeremiah ignored this statement and picked up a piece of paper on his desk.

"So you are here today becasuse... aha!  You chopped off seven pedestrian's heads in a mall parking lot.  That is a bad thing to do Zanthaniel, do you think it is bad?"

"I do not know what a pedestrian is.  I kill those who are evil, we have been oppressed for so long."

"All right.  I agree, evil people are bad, but that is what jail is for right?"

"I do not know what jail is, may it be a cruel way to perish.  And one day may you know its fury!"

"So Zanthaniel, why do you hate me?"

"Why?  You really are an idiot aren't you.  I'll tell you why.  You killed my wife!"

The End

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