Chapter 4Mature


‘That's it. Just open your eyes for me now, Mr. Griffin.’ A soothing voice said. Alexzander couldn’t figure it out. Where was he? It smelled horrible, like antiseptic and blood all mixed in with a bit of bleach... A hospital. Why was he here again? He suddenly remembered. He had been hit by Mr. Donovan. He remembered the look of Pheobe’s face as she knelt over him, crying.
So that meant he wasn’t dead, didn’t it? If he was being called round from consciousness then surely he was alive.
He tried to speak but nothing came.
‘Don’t try to speak. You gave us a nasty scare.’ That's what they always say, thought Alexzander. He wanted to know what was wrong with him, why couldn’t he move? Or speak for that matter? As if reading his thoughts a woman answered.
‘You’ll be able to move in just a minute. Your muscles have seized up and just need to adjust to have blood flowing back through.’ Her voice was calm and made Alexzander relax. He didn’t know why, but it felt as though he knew the woman for years. He could see her now and he also recognized her, even though he was sure he’d never met her before in his life. She was wearing blue scrubs, a doctor.
‘Urrr...’ Was all that Alexzander could manage.
‘That's it. Don’t push yourself.’ She smiled sweetly at him.
A few minutes later and Alexzander had mastered talking again and was just about ready to get up.
‘Wait, what happened?’ Alexzander asked, he didn’t feel any pain anywhere, when he was sure that he had at least broken a few ribs when the van had hit him, and also, where did the blood on the road come from if he wasn’t wounded?
‘Don’t worry about that now. Just try standing.’ She encouraged him.
‘No! I want to know!’ Why wouldn’t she tell him? He was getting angry now.
‘Just do as I say, I’m the doctor. Everything will be explained.’ So there was an explanation.
‘Fine.’ He muttered. He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Looking around he saw a heart rate monitor, but it wasn’t beeping like it should when someone’s alive. It said that the person it was connected to was dead. Alexzander followed the lead, it was connected to him.

The End

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