Chapter 3Mature

‘Oh my god!’ Yelled Pheobe as she spun round to the sound of brakes screeching and half a shout. Alexzander lay in the middle of the road as people gathered. Pheobe kneeled over him as a pool of slowly growing scarlet blood sank into her trousers. She started to cry.
‘Please... Don’t cry...’ Alexzander said weakly as he slowly returned to consciousness.
‘Zander? Oh, please. You can’t die!’ Pheobe had clearly lost all hope now. He just looked so helpless. Not the funny, cool, third year teacher she knew. He looked the same, only different.  

‘Oh... Fuck.’ Pheobe recognized the voice of Mr. Donovan, the parent of Jared, who was in Alexzanders class. He had just got out his white van and thrown his bagel a mile in the air. Jared was also there, Mr. Donovan was just taking him to school when they hit someone while Jared asked his father an awkward question which made him look at his son, distracting him from the road for a minute, the same minute Alexzander walked across.
‘Why did you do this?’ Pheobe asked him.
‘I... I didn’t mean to... Mr. Griffin? Oh my God. Is he...?’ Mr. Donovan didn’t need to finish the question.
Pheobe shook her head and looked back at the pain-filled face of Alexzander.
‘Mr. Griffin?’ Jared asked, obviously scared. He had never seen a teacher hurt before; in fact he had never seen an adult hurt. After a moment of watching he went over to his father and hid behind him, frightened of the slowly growing pool of blood.
'Its ok, Jared.' Alexzander said, sounding out of breath. 'I'm just... Don't worry. But I might not come into school for a while. Ok?' Alexzander couldn't think of an excuse to tell the petrified little boy staring down at him. Jared nodded. He wasn't stupid, he knew what had happened and tears filled in his eyes, but being what his father called a "big, brave boy" he held them back.

‘Has someone called an ambulance?’ Pheobe shouted around at the crowd. Someone shouted back a faint reply that they had.
‘The ambulance is coming, Zander. Don’t worry.’ Pheobe reassured him.
‘I don’t think I'm the one who needs reassuring.’ He joked, even in his state. More tears ran down Pheobe’s cheeks.
‘I need to tell you something... I’ve only just realised this but, I love you.’

Then everything went black.

The End

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