Chapter 2Mature

Today was no different. Alexzander woke up at around 6am. Ate cornflakes then went to shower.
'Ah, Monday. Worst day of the week.' He whispered to himself, rubbing the towel over his legs.
Alexzander walked to work everyday. He would come out of 2b and out of the block of apartments then he would walk a mile or so and cross the road to the school. Today, he only got as far as the road.

His black hair swayed slightly in the breeze as he walked, nodding to everyone he saw. His black hair and brown eyes came from his mother, she was Italian, before she died. No one knew how she died though, except from Alexzander.

'Hey, Zander!' Someone called behind Alexzander as he put his left foot on the tarmac. He spun round to see Pheobe Bellamy, the first year teacher at Little Thirty School. Alexzander and Pheobe had always been friends, they had met at college and now they worked in the same school.
'Hi!' He said back as she jogged over to see him.
'Alright?' She asked him. He nodded and they both started crossing the road.
'Oh, I dropped my keys a few yards back. Go on without me.' Pheobe said, running back. Alexzander stopped in the middle of the road and watched her leave, he then carried on, but didn't get far until a white van came along...

The End

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