Alexzanders life was normal. Nothing exciting ever happened in France, the small village in England where Alexzander lived, population of 54, maybe more as no one had bothered counting since 1992.
France had one small corner shop that selled everything from biscuits to hair products, all in a miniscule space on the end of Alexzanders road.
There was one school in France. All the children didn't take up all the chairs, but adding in people from the neighbouring village, Mose, there were just the right amount of children.

Everyone knew everyone in France. If someone were to pass Alexzander in the street, they would say: 'Hey, Zander!' Or 'Afternoon, Mr. Griffin.' Seeing as he was a teacher in the only school, Little Thirty School, it was normall for people, especially kids to call him Mr. Griffin.

The End

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