Z DiaryMature

A man explores a zombie infested world frequently referencing the diary of a I.K. Elrund K

The text on the page was barely legible at the best of times counting out the countless stains of coffee, blood, or something unusually sticky and probably best not to be investigated into. The book itself looks like it had been beaten heavily, rained upon, scratched bitten.... Perhaps in simple terms the book had been through hell and back and then again two or three more times. Yet here was before me in my hand beaten as it was, it contained the life of a man I would never know. A man by the name of Ian. K. Elrund. Someone who pioneered the ways of surviving this hellish world of zombies. Someone who had braved many lonely nights, many hopeless dark nights that he may never have seen the dawn to. This man had written it all down here in this book, hoping someday it could be shared in a world where the dead did not reign. At least that's what I thought. All the pages had been filled with text from start to finish. I had found it a few days ago when I was scavenging around in warehouse. The area was plastered with blood, used up shells; of course the zombies would clean up the area with there never ending hunger for flesh. 

Out of curiosity I picked up the lonely beaten diary and read the first few pages:

 Entry one 

date: Sept 3 2014, Z day? 

If I'm reading this, if you’re reading this, if anyone is reading this it means one of two things. One this means nothing. Two I am dead and the zombie apocalypse has a risen and I'm definitely not reading this. Well maybe if I'm trying to collect myself or telling my story to children if I make it through. God this is so cool if this is actually happening! 

Alright, alright maybe I should try to make some sense of this entry. My name is Ian Kevin Elrund, and today is my birthday, and my genius friend Alex thought it would be really cool to give me this diary. Now not to be mean Alex but at the time you gifted me this I am not to write down my thoughts, I hate the idea of writing a diary and that’s not because I think its girly! Okay maybe a little but still! Anyways so today is the day I turn 19, legal age to drink booze in Canada. Woot -_-. I don't really care I'm not huge on drinking. I prefer a good night with my buds ( friends) some card games , Dnd and some junk food.  Yeah I'm a geek, but I prefer to call it badassery of a different kind. Man I'm still beating around the bush! Fuck.  Alright so after I'm gifted this thing and we have the typical birthday shit goes down news hits the television screens like a meteor hitting the earth. It's huge. Every single channel even the old people channel is showing it, the internet is literally buzzing with news and excitement. Zombies, Something that has really grown in the north American heart of pop culture. Lot of kids these days think about what they’re gonna do when the 'zombie apocalypse’ hits. They're all thinking yeah I’m gonna survive. Hell I'm thinking the same thing right now as I write this down with a pencil in my right hand and a baseball bat in tightly gripped in my left. 

It should be easy, hell were not being killed by an outbreak of rabies! In fact this might be less than exciting than were all making it out to be. Still it’s gonna be hella cool because you know, I don't think I'm but out for this world with rules laws and pedantic monotonous work.  No I'm a man who like to be afraid, likes to fight for his life, and live in a world where the consequences are different and anything can be justified under 'survival'. I’ve been read for this for a while and I know this could be just like those bathsalts drugs that screwed people up in 2012, or something else. But if this is actually happening Its sad to say I'm more excited than terrified. Does this make me a bad person? I don't know but I will tell you this. If this is the real deal. We're gonna find out real soon...



The End

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