about this girl whos abit to rich

she doesn't know what she wants, is it sex or some thing else, she sits all night wondering  what she wants  she does not understand how much she hurts people because she only thinks of her self, she all ways trying to lose her mind its just not working it only kills her faster  but she does not want to die, she writes down all her dreams  she moves from boy to boy having sex and getting drunk once she said she love you she has got you   you lose control and you want to go but you cant its just all going to fast, she wants it all  she wants every thing  she buys her rich clothes and puts her make up on for show , walking round the house with nothing on , opening her door to any one who knocks, her dad buys her every thing she dont have to work and says she knows how you are feeling but she does not understand

The End

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