Day One out of Confinement.

I'm supposed to write in this diary as a record book for the government.

To start off, I'm Yuuta. Young Undertaken Unspecified Teenage Android. They call me a android because I'm not exactly human. In fact, I don't have a gender. Every time they try to do tests on me, I black out. And they always end up the same; in a state of near death. I don't understand, and I don't really care!!

Now I'm out of the government facility, I can do what I want. In fact, the other day, I bought a box of "Plum hair dye" with my allowence. It looked interesting, and looks even more interesting when you apply it to your hair. It's too bad it didn't come with instructions on how to get rid of it. I suppose it's not that bad.

I mean, it could have gone very wrong. I'm really, very bad at reading instructions! And it must be a very strong substance because my self-healing body didn't strip it out right away. Can my enhanced healing abilities work on hair? I wonder, I wonder.

Anyway, I'm going to a school next week. I'm excited... So excited I think I'll write in this book every day. They gave a little checked booklet called a diary. It's a rather large fuss, but it's a way to waste time.

I seem to be attracted to patterns, did one of the experiments succeed and make me adore them? I see one, and I have to touch it... and then if it's okay, I'll get my carer Joanne to buy it for me.

She works for the facility. And looked after me there, she's a pudgy women with bright blonde hair and bright white teeth and bright orange skin. She sometimes wear unflattering clothes, too.

I get to have her last name, Coatts. So now I'm Yuuta Coatts. An interesting name.

I seem to find many things interesting. Like this world. There's just so much to look at, so much to taste, smell and feel. I feel like I'm in a... umm... well, somewhere that's peculiar, yet fantastic. I believe the word is magical? Yes, that'd be it.

And I better not use up all these pages in one go... So I'm afraid I'll have to stop writing now, even though the people who are going to read this want to know all of my feelings... I don't know why I'm apologising to a inanimate object. I don't think it really makes sense. Oh dear, I really better stop writing now...


The End

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