Three miles away was Terrie's griffin, Dude. He was getting more bandages for Yuna. He's just as worried about her as Terrie. He is 7'6", too big to be in the house due to his huge wingspan, over 20 feet from tip to tip. He landed on the empty space and rang the doorbell.

"Master, it's me, Dude." He said. Terrie came out and took the bandages.

"Thank you, Dude." She said while she pet his warm, thick fur. Dude smiled and took off for food. Terrie continued to treat Yuna's wounds. Yuna has been in and out of consciousness for a few days. Ginger tries to help as mush as she can, getting Terrie the bandages.

"Terrie, her cuts are getting better, but will she live?" Ginger asked when they rested. Terrie nodded.

"We just have to give Yuna some time, but yes, she'll live. She's a very strong girl." Terrie looked out the window to see Dude eating his food. She came out and took the rest in the house.

"Master, How's Yuna?" He asked. Terrie smiled, giving him a sense of hope.

"She's slowly recovering, we'll just have to give her time. I know you're worried about her. so am I" Dude, ripping a strip of his prey, nodded.

"If Yuna is awake, I want to see her." Terrie nodded and went back in. Ginger was eating his meat as Terrie cooks hers. After they ate,  Terrie and Ginger went to check on Yuna. she was still, but awake. Ginger got on the bed and licked Yuna's face.

"Hey, Mama..." Yuna said. Terrie smiled and rubbed her head. Then, there was a loud screech coming from outside. Terrie and Ginger went out to find Dude being attacked by Eclipse, He has returned. 

The End

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