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Meanwhile, 125 year old Eclipse Windheart was waiting for Terrie to return to him. It's been 6 weeks since Terrie left for school. He kept looking out to see if Terrie was walking near his house, nothing.

"What's taking that girl so long? She should be here by now." He said in a fierce voice. He hates to think Terrie had ran away from him, and the more he waited, the more he believed. Finally, he had enough. He went out the door and flew to find Terrie.


At Terrie's house, Terrie and Ginger were working together to help Yuna recover. Terrie would apply the ointment on the cuts while Ginger would wrap it in fresh bandages. Later, while Ginger and Yuna spent time together, Terrie went out to pick some flowers for Yuna.

"There you are, you lazy bird!" A voice said. Terrie looked and saw Eclipse land. Terrie remembered all the cruel chores he made her do.

"You know better than to run away from me! You are coming back with me right now!" Eclipse said. Neighbors came out to see who's yelling, Terrie stepped back towards the house.

"No, I have more important matters to attend to. I'll never return to you." Terrie said under her breath. Before Eclipse could answer, Terrie went on.

"You made me do chores that were too dangerous for a little girl to do, you treated me very badly, and, you never praise me for finishing those chores. how could I return to you?" The neighbors came closer to Eclipse, surrounding him.

"Why would you do that to a little girl?" One man said.

"Do you think little kids are tool?" Another man said.

"kids need to know how to do things at a young age..." Eclipse was cut off.

"They're only kids, They're too young to work." Everyone was ganging on Eclipse, holding him until the police came. That gave Terrie the chance to get in and warn Ginger and Yuna. Once she told them, Ginger stayed near Yuna.

"Promise me you won't... go back to him." Yuna said. Terrie nodded and kissed her.

"Of course, hun. I promise I would never leave your side." Yuna smiled as she passed out again. as Eclipse was taken, Terrie could finally breathe. 

The End

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