"Ginger, wake up." Terrie said in an exciting look. Ginger woke up to see Terrie so excited. She got up and stretched.

"What's the matter, Terrie? Did something happen to Master?" She asked. Terrie shook her head.

"She woke up, but she passed out after a second." Ginger was trilled at the news and went to Yuna's room to see her, Yuna was still, but Ginger stayed by her side in case she wakes up again. As she waited, Terrie applied ointment on Yuna's cuts and wraped them in fresh bandages. Soon, Yuna woke up to see Ginger and Terrie next to her. Ginger licked her face.

"Master, you're awake!"

"How are you feeling, Yuna?" Terrie asked. Yuna slowly petted Ginger.

"I'm still... a little weak, but I'm fine..." Yuna said. Terrie told her what happened. When she finished, Yuna looked at Ginger.

"You saved me, girl?" Yuna asked. Ginger rubbed her scaly head on Yuna's face.

"Yes, Master. I fought to keep the lion from hurting you anymore. You're the only master I have who actually cared about me." Yuna smiled and hugged Ginger. She laid back down and let Ginger lay next to her. Terrie smiled and left the room.

"Thank you, Ginger. You're my savior." Yuna said as she drifted off to sleep. Ginger smiled at the statement and fell asleep on Yuna's side.

The End

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