Busy DayMature

Terrie Wingheart has been very busy for the past few days, taking care of Ginger while tended to Yuna's injuries. Ginger tried not to get in her way as she laid on her bed, waiting to see Yuna again. Then, Ginger got up to see Yuna. She came in to see Terrie near Yuna's still body.

"Terrie, how's Master?" she asked. Terrie saw Ginger get up on a chair.

"She's fighting to stay alive. Her cuts were worse then I thought. The ointment's working, but very slowly." Terrie got up and left. Ginger let out a puff of smoke as she looked at Yuna.

"Master, wake up soon." She said before leaving. Terrie saw Ginger come in the kitchen and went to her.

"Master looks bad, Terrie. I don't think..." Ginger couldn't finish her sentence due to the possibility of Yuna dying. Terrie went to her and tried to calm her down.

"I know, girl, but you need to stay strong for Yuna." Terrie said as she pet Ginger's head. Ginger went to her bed and closed her eyes. Terrie went to check on Yuna to find her awake, but very weak. Yuna let out a weak moan before opening her eyes. Terrie went to her and gently rubbed her head.

"It's ok, Yuna. You rest." Yuna closed her eyes and fell unconscious again. Terrie left and told Ginger the news.

The End

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