Several hours later, Ginger regained consciousness and found herself in her house, with Terrie Wingheart nearby, preparing ointment. Terrie saw Ginger and went to her.

"Easy, girl. Take it easy." She said. Ginger stood up and stretched out. Then, she found Yuna on her bed, still unconscious and wrapped in bandages.

"Master?" Ginger tried to talk to her, but Yuna made no sound or movement. Terrie came in and petted Ginger.

"Yuna's really bad, girl. I have ointment for her cuts, but I'm wondering how she got them." Ginger told Terrie what happened and that she was saving Yuna fron the lion. When she finished, Terrie looked Ginger over again.

"I don't understand, Yuna can make all wild animals calm when she's around. Why did the lion attack her?" Terrie said. Ginger couldn't answer, she was more worried about Yuna.

"Will Master wake up?" She asked. Terrie nodded as she applied the ointment and fresh bandages on Yuna.

"She'll be out for a few days, but yes, Yuna will wake up soon. But for now, you need your rest." Terrie picked Ginger up and took her to her bed. Once Ginger was placed in her bed, she refused to sleep.

"I want to be near Master." She said. Terrie stopped her and took her back to her bed.

"You will, but first you need your rest." Ginger didn't argue anymore and laid on her bed, watching Terrie work on the ointment. Then, sleep overpowered her and Ginger fell asleep.

The End

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