The AccidentMature

6-year-old Yuna Wingheart was out on hunting one night when she was attacked, leaving her seriously injured.

Matured for blood.

Yuna Wingheart and her pet dragon, Ginger was out on their first hunt. Ginger was just as excited as Yuna.

"Master, I found a trail!" Ginger said, Yuna came and say pawprints of a rabbit, Ginger followed it like a dog. Yuna followed Ginger through the forest when they came across an opening in the forest. Ginger had lost the trail.

"OK, Rabbit. Where did you go?" Ginger's response was a deep roar. Ginger jumped and ran to Yuna, who had her axe ready. Another roar, this time, it was closer. Then, a lion came out and attacked Yuna. Ginger tried to help Yuna, but the lion batted her away and slashed at Yuna.

"Ginger, Help!" Yuna shouted, Ginger attacked the lion again, This time, she locked her jaws on the lions throat. The lion was now trying to get Ginger off, but her jaws were locked. Then, the lion went back to slash at Yuna again, blood started coming out of her numerous cut as she laid there, unconscious as Ginger took the lion down. Then, she dragged Yuna out of the forest and when the two got the house into view, Ginger let go and fell on Yuna, weak from the battle with the lion. All she could see was someone running to them before Ginger lost consciousness.

The End

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