Yuletide And More

Goodwill and Peace


As the wintry season dawns

To Yuletide we are drawn

Nativity Holy and sacred cribs

Silent nights as enigmatic gifts.



Santa with his sleigh rebounds

Reindeers and tinkling sounds

Sledging across hills and plains

Keeping his promise to little ones


Xmas trees and spirits so jolly

Bright balls and bells tucked in Holly

Shining stars in regal elegance stride

Radiating joy and hope far and wide.



The Lord did descend on earth this day

Swaddled warmly and in heaps of hay

The wise men and the Star of the East

Unending  miles amidst a joyful treat.



Christ the Lord indeed that day was ordained

To redeem this world of misery  and pain

His charmed person, his radiant glow

His mystic ways in benevolent flow.



This day we remember as Deliverance

From pain and suffering by Providence

A  day to celebrate and greet mankind

With a cheery heart and a joyous  mind.


The End

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