yu-gi-oh card of darknes

The story begins in the center of Domino city where Joey Wheeler is loosing a game duel monster and with only 500 life points left he seems to bee doomed."Now by sacrificing Giga-tech wolf and Cannon soldier to fusion summon Labyrinth tankand with 2400 atack and you with no cards left on your field i can wipe you out now my tank atack". said a duelist dressed in blue.

"But i activate from my hand red eyes the hero now by removing two monsters from my graveyard from play i can special summon one red eyes black dragon from my deck". Said Joey in a hopefull tone. Joey shuffles through his deck he stops he shuffles back and falles to the floor. "where...where...where is it wheres my red eyes all i see is a blank card".

"HA HA HA i have u now Joey Wheeler now atack HA HA HA".said the guy in blue.

"NOOOOOO".Joey screamed.

The End

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