the four duelist

I looked around as I saw the sign that said Navanext Corporation proudly presents our 125th annual duel tournament.


I got all excited when all of a sudden Joey wheeler and his son jonny cash wheeler pushed me.


Hey watch where you going kid. Jonny said doing the Johnny bravo impersonation.


I got up as I brushed myself off as I walked toward the both of them.


Do you realize whom your messing with? I’m a 6 time dueling champion and I never lost a tournament and I will continue to win tournaments till I retire. I said 


Joey and jonny looked at each other and looked at me and laughed


Yeah good luck with that one Joey said.


Then two ladies walked by us as jonny cash did his best Johnny bravo impersonation yet.


“Ladies don’t you want a man who has muscles and can kick it cause when I win this duel tournament your all invited to my party” jonny said.


Then the ladies rolled their eyes “ jerk!” They said as they kept on walking.


I rolled on the ground laughing as jonny face turned red from embarrassment


“You call that a pick up line no women want you” I said still chuckling


Then jonny got mad “why I outta punch you in the face for that” he said still embarrassed

“Come on bring it,” I said.


Then everyone including us went silent as this top hatter type of gentleman went on stage (read the bio on this guy) his smile was sly he knew everyone’s moves and there mistakes but only one duelist was going to face him one on one then “Poof!” in purple smoke he’s gone. Then we looked at each other as we wanted to know who this guy was as the next chapter unfolds.



The End

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