You've got Blood in your Eye

One Chapter Story. My style XD

I was walking down the narrow, winding country lane; when I heard a twig snap behind me.

The kind old farmer next door had told me creepy stories about Oxmoore Lane and how the Howler creeps behind you and slowly, carefully and very painfully nibbles on all your body, and if you were still alive, then he would rip out your heart, make you drink the blood from it and then kiss you, so passionately, you died of the shock of it! Of course, this was just a silly tale to stop little kids from playing out too late and getting lost in the woods.

I was being stupid, but I swear something was lurking in the shadows of Foxglade wood; watching my every move, waiting to attak.

Like I said, just a trick of light! All of my friends are really silly and would be shrieking enough to scare the 'Howler' away,with hit's tail between it's legs! But me, I'm as sturdy as a rock and'll do that ridiculous 'Blue Lady' thing in the mirror at ANY sleepover! But now, I was getting spooky chills down my spine and was starting to panic.

I pretended I was as cool as a cucumber and carried on walking at the same pace... although, it had sped up a bit earlier. Another snap. I felt my heart pound against my chest, I fumbled with my zip pocket on my jacket and pulled out my mobile phone.

I quickly scrolled down, and found my home number, I hit the call button. It rang, then it did that thing where it gradually lost it's sound and colour. It had run out.

Jesus, I could here footsteps now, my eyes darted from side to side, evaluating the chance of me outrunning a maniac killer.

I quickened my pace and walked on. But whoever( or whatever) was following me watched it and matched it.

"I'M GONNA GET YOU!"Shouted  a feirce voice as a dark figure leaped from the shadows. I screamed and bolted.

I carried on running and running and running until my calves were aching with stamina.

"Jayne! Jayne! Oh my god! Your face! Jayne! It's Max! You idiot!"Called my friend from the edge of the wood.

I stopped, trembeling with fear, then a jogged back on mock punched him in the jaw.

"Holy Crap, Max! You scared the life outta me!"I cried. 

I gasped, Max had some blood trickling from the corner of his eye.

"Max, you've blood in you eye!"I croaked. He put a hand to it and winced.

"Must've cut it on a branch or somethi--"He broke off with a scream, something dragged him back into the dark woods.

I shrieked and legged it, I heared the pounding of feet behind me, easily meeting my pace, my whole body was searing, my legs ached and begged me to stop running. But the new, hot adrenaline pumping through me veins made me carry on, but my follower had stopped, I couldn't hear foot steps anymore. I was stupid enough to think it was safe to stop.

Apart from the frantic thumping of my heart against my rip cage and my quick, shallow, terrified breaths; a sinister silence lay in the air. There were no owls hooting or crickets chirping. Nothing.

Then a earsplitting, blood-curdling roar errupted from right in from of me.

I squeezed my eye's tight shut and chanted, "this isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real!"

"Oooh, but it is child! You feel my breath on your face, it's saturated with darkness. I could bring you more pain than the silly, bedtime stories tell you. But this time, I'll be kind, I'll be quick with my kiss of death."My soon-to-be-killers hot breath covered my face, I trembled with fear of I sort I had never encountered before.

I knew what was coming. The evil kiss and the utter nothingness that lies behind my death.

Before I was ready, soft, gentle lips pressed against my own, I felt my killers hot breath in my mouth, and too soon, I felt the life being sucked from me. My will power evaporating and I felt myself slipping away.

Please, oh god! This is my last though, treasure it: Don't stay here after dark!

The End

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