You've Been TerminatedMature

She was alone. She was going to die and she knew it'd be horrific.




Her hair fell neatly past her shoulders, blonde and shining in the dim light that shone from streetlamps. The cooling air nipped at her nose and fingers; she tugged her jacket tight. She sighed deeply, her pale pink lips parting momentarily to let out a puff, turning the air white. Her steps echoed slightly as she walked down the street. Houses neatly lined either side of the street, picket fences barring entry to the house every now and then. The farther she strode, the more unsettled she felt.

Yet there was no sound other than her own footsteps. The utter silence of night had engulfed the area around her, it seemed. She was almost home, she thought. She took the turn left onto Meadow View Court, she was plummeted into the darkness of side streets. Her breath quickened as she kept putting one foot in front of the other. She glance behind her, clutching the bottom of her jacket nervously.

Something brushed her ankle. A hand? A tail? A cat? She burst into a run, her low heels clicking loudly and the pebbles that were always on the sidewalk made the tips of her heels unsteady. She ran without thinking, fear driving her forward. Shock flashed across her face as she toppled towards the pavement, barely getting time to throw her hands out in front of her. She didn't move. She lay there, hoping whatever imaginary thing she thought was following her would leave.

The definite feel of fingers rubbed across her ankle. A scream burst from her lips as she shook her ankle frantically, trying to look behind her. The hand only tightened around her ankle and pulled gently at first. Another shriek erupted from her as she tried to kick the thing off of her. The woman flailed, trying to force herself up but the hand pulled her to the ground, dragging her into the middle of the street. She screamed and continued to do so. No lights flickered into life in any houses.

She was alone. She was going to die and she knew it'd be horrific.

The End

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