Something everybody should know.

    Jeklyn is deadly. His spiked body is blazing yellowed with orange tips covered in poisonous liquids. He has big, white eyes and black needlepoint pupils in the middle. Jeklyn, the killer centipede, was the nicest, most kindest one in the world. Right now he's laying in a clearing, all soft and green. He has his two bigger claws under his head, with his body twisted three different times, in three different places. Gazing dreamily at the midnight stars, Jeklyn questions his hot pink sister, Rolan.  

   "Why does everybody hate us?" Truly curious, Jeklyn wanted the answer.

   "Because, dear brother, they're scared of us." Rolan explained, hotly and miserably.

   "What do we do, then?" Jeklyn was seriously irked, not having friends and all.

   "Nothing. Be ourselves and that should be enough. We don't need to impress anyone, but ourselves! If they don't like us, tough." After that little speech, Jeklyn actually felt comforted by Rolan's words. Just be myself and I'll be okay, he thought.


                 THE END!

The End

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