You're not Mine.

Just exploring themes of being trapped in situations and wanting more but knowing that more is impossible due to different decisions that we can't get out of...

Aren't we all trapped,
one way or another?
So it just makes you think-
Why go to all of the bother?

Why not just drop everything-
and forget about the pieces.
Go wherever our hearts desire,
pick a train and just leave us.

You and I, we're going nowhere.
So sometimes I just sit and think
Do I really care?
I guess I don't.
I don't trust.
I don't love.
...But only because I'M not enough.

Not just for you,
but for me too.

I'm not who I am,
Or who I should be.
Nothing's going according to my dreams.
My ambitions... My life... My aspirations...
It's all turning to dust...
A distant memory.
A burning flame of rust.

So goodbye my Lover,
So sorry it came to this.
I have no doubt that you'll find a better other.
But I have to follow my hopes...

And you're not in it.

The End

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